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    Group Report using Smart Groups not working

      still in eval mode...nearly finished!!!

      has anybody had any success when using the Group Reporting for the any Smart Group?

      When I run the Ping Availability report for the Smart Group Servers, I receive the following result; No PING Monitors were found for this Group with statistics enabled.

      Even though if I check each Ping Monitor associated to the server it has the "Store Monitor Statistics for Recent Activity and Historical Reports" option ticked.

      When I run the Device report for Ping Availability I have no issues.

      Is it simple because the Group reporting works only on the custom groups created by myself and not on Smart Groups?



        • Re: Group Report using Smart Groups not working

          Hi Shane

          I logged a call re. this with SolarWinds support back in March.  Here is the response:

          A bug has been filed with our Development team in regards to this issue. Sure there be any progress in regards to this bug, you will be notified by email.

          In the meantime, you could use the following work-around:

          - Instead of creating a Smart Group, use a Group that contains your Devices. The only draw back is that you will have to manually add new Devices (Servers) to the Group.