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    What other responsibilities do you have?


      I'm just curious what other responsibilities you all have, besides monitoring your Orion installation.  Since I'm from a small company I do everything network related -- design, setup, install, support, troubleshoot, monitoring, etc.  What's everybody else up to out there?  I'm really curious to see if Network Monitoring could be considered it's own specialty or if it's more of a sub-role of a different skill-set.



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          I order all of our telecom, buy, config, ship new routers to remote sites.  Work with the techs and telecom folks to bring up circuits and get the routers working.  Tech support for any problems in the field or with the network back here.  Pre sales support for our field sales forces selling our services.  As well as a few other things that pop up along the way.

           As to network monitoring being a skill set of its own,  I would thinkl that would depend on the size of the network and the need within the network.  In our networ we monitor, circuits, routers, switches and ATMs.  We are not responsible for the ATMs since that is covered by our field technical force.  We are a three man group monitoring over a150 circuits, 1500 ATMS, 200 routers and numerous swtiches.  We also monitor servers but are not responsible for them except to let someone know when they have a problem.  We are an ATM manufacture offering Managed and Integrated Services to Bank and Credit Unions.  The network is starting to grow faster and will probably double in size by the end of this and double again next year.  There has been talk of setting up a NOC and having full time workers to monitor and respond to incidents, but so far that is a piope dream and probably will not become a reality until next year or the year after if at all.



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            if Network Monitoring could be considered it's own specialty


            It most certainly is, Network Monitoring or better termed Network Management is key to the success of your business regardless of company size.  If it's "networked" it should be managed! 

            Being in a fairly large organization; with a fairly large Orion deployment (10 Polling Engines and a monster DB server) my primary responsibility is Orion and ensuring that my clients (the NOC) have and see everything they need to perform their function.  Even though I ran the NOC here for a couple of years I still hold weekly meetings with NOC Analysts and Management to go over issues and to get feedback on what we could do better with Orion to get ahead of the "we are down" & "Its slow" calls/tickets.   The ROI on this weekly meeting has been unmeasurable...  We have one other Orion Admin, but it's a secondary role for him...

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                 Thanks for those responses -- does anyone else out there have any input?

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                    I do a fairly varied role. I work for a system integrator in
                    a team of six for a government owned water utility account. I do a mix of
                    project work, all things network security, look after our Orion solution, provide
                    support for the level 2 guys doing the operational side of things and basically
                    try to pick up and run with any new technologies coming into our team. I really enjoy this
                    mix as I am skilling up in some really good areas. My previous position was
                    with a very large systems integrator and I felt a bit pigeon holed as a
                    routing/switching engineer.

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                  i work in the NOC for a certain company. orion helps us do the job!  

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                     I work for an NHS trust with 6 sites and two of us do everything on
                    the network from design to troubleshooting and monitoring, we're trying
                    to increase the size of them team but its currently falling on deaf
                    ears so consequently Orion and to some extent Cirrus are seen as second
                    priorities on our day to day jobs.
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                      I work in a small company as well, about 225 Users over 6 locations.  Besides monitoring Orion, I do systems administration here.  I manage the Windows side of the network, and administration and optimizations on current systems.  The current systems we have are specialized to the banking industry, so it's a whole new set of applications I had to learn.  Orion is the closest I get to doing anything on the network and I really use it to help me with Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Planning.