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    Orion on XP SP3

      We are currently running Orion on a machine running XP SP 2.  I realize that this OS is not officially supported, but we have not had any problems with it.

       We are slowly upgrading our PCs from XP sp2 to XP sp 3.  So far, we have not had any problems with the new service pack (knock on wood).  We are taking it one pc at a time just in case.

       My question is, has anyone else who is running Orion on XP tried upgrading to XP SP3, and if so, what was the results?

       Any comments would be apprechiated.  Thanks

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          While you may be running this successfully i would not make any changes to this. Remember its not even properly tested on XP sp2.

          In fact i would urge you immediatley to get this onto the proper platform ( Windows server 2003 R2 sp1 ).As newer versions are released you will end up completley on an unsupported platform  and if you do run into issues it will be impossible for support to help you



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               Yeah, what Joe said.

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                  Joe and Denny

                  Thanks for your information.  Unfortunately, there is no place in this years budget to be upgrading server OSs, although it is under consideration for next years budget.  For the here and now, I'm stuck with XP.

                   For security reasons, we usually try to keep up to date with OS updates and SPs.  Due to the poor reputation of SP3 so far (we have not run into any significant problems) plus the fact that ORION has not been tested on XP,  I will only be installing the SP if I can hear from others who have had good luck with it.  SO this brings me back to my original question: has any one else attempted it?  Thanks

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                      Not that we know of. If your really worried get a blank machine install Xp with SP3. Download an eval or orion and test it.

                      Best of luck with it. If you do go down that route ensure you back up your database nightly and have an sp2 machine ready to fail back onto.

                      You should make a proper platform  server a priority for your next Budget.