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    Trap Summary Slow


      When loading the Trap Summary page, it is very slow and often times we receive a page with "Orion Website Error" displayed as the message.  Is anyone else experiencing this?  Any ideas for a fix? 

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          Sorry your having this issue. Firstly Do you have a lot of traps in your trapvarbinds table. Can you check the size of this table for me.

          To do this open database manager and connect to the database. Scroll down until you see the trapvarbinds table.Right click anbd select table details. This will give you an indication of the Size of the table. Large tables with large amounts of traps can result in behaviour like your Seeing. If you have a large table size you may want to look at setting up some trap filters to only retain traps you really need to see.  You can also set the trap retention period down in the trap viewr Settings.

          If the traps table is very small you may have some other issues in which case i would advise you to open a support ticket immediatley so someone can assist you.




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              Thanks for the suggestions.  I went in and checked the table size, it shows 4.9 Gb.  Can anyone else give me an idea of their table sizes?  How much, or maybe a better question, how long does everyone else retain this data?  

              If I setup filters, it will discard only new traps, correct?   Does anyone have a "best practices" method for compacting the table?  We have run the SW database utility, but it doesn't appear to free up a lot of space.