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    "Report loading cancelled." error on NTA drill-down

      I am having serious performance problems with NTA3 SP1.  This was also occurring on SP0.  When I open NTA to the summary screen, it takes a very long time to complete rendering the page.  Sometimes I get the dreaded Stacked Chart Error.  In addition, sometimes I get blank slots where graphs should be and the "Report loading cancelled" error.  When I try drilling down to look at a single domain or node details, almost all of the graphs do not come up and display the "Report loading cancelled" message.  I have opened a ticket on this, #46329, but so far, no help.

      In addition, I frequently get the dreaded HTTP.Exception when the entire page times out.  I have also had several incidents where the whole database goes into recovery and I get an error box that NPM cannot connect to the database.

      So far, I have had so much trouble with NTA 3 I am considering uninstalling it and going back to V2.  Although I got the Stacked Chart Errors with 2, I was able to drill down and get detailed information without much of a problem.