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    Report Scheduler


      1.  PLEASE!!!...PLEASE!!!...add a simple log entry in RunOrionJob.log for EndJob so report runtimes can be easily determined.  It doesn't make sense to have a StartJob without a EndJob entry.

      2.  Better error description in RunOrionJob.log when a report fails to run (authentication errors, etc.) or complete unsuccessfully.

           2a. When a credential/authentication problem is encountered the OrionRunJob.exe task hangs and has to be killed.  Task should error and post error entry in RunOrionJob.log

      3. Provide ability to retain column margin adjustments on the main view across Report Scheduler sessions.  Retain column sort order in the main view across Refresh (during current session).  Refresh wipes out both types of changes and reverts to default settings.

      4. Provide option to schedule reports using Report Writer OrionReport filename rather than URL only.  Provide a drop-down list of all the OrionReport files to select from.  Remove dependency of web generated reports and in cases when the web report is formatted (e.g., due to bugs) differently than Report Writer. 

      5. When duplicating a job (Duplicate Job), copy over all credentials. In v8.5.1, RunAs credentials are reprompted.  This is pain when dupping several reports at a time.  Better yet,to make duplicating quicker, dup the report without any prompts for the new report name or RunAs credentials and just alter jobname like MS does (prefice "Copy of" or append "(2)") to make the report unique).

      6. Under List of Reports view (main panel) the currently selected Report Details are displayed. Clicking on the webpage link is not consistent with the other links which take you to the appropriate report settings page.  It does not take you to the appropriate "WebPages" settings page. In v8.5.1, it executes the URL and web report.

      7. Ability to generate reports in PDF format with Report Scheduler.