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    Netflow or Orion


      So if you have an issue with generating netflow reports with the report writer I wonder where the best place to post is.

      In any case has anyone had any success with more advanced netflow reports? It appears the report writer has some limitations with regard to netflow. Just wanted to know if i was the only one.


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           No, I think there are some pretty serious limitations for Netflow reports right now.  Some of the reports I'm interested in, mostly reports about application bandwidth (not just how many bytes have been transferred), are impossible to generate through the interface. I'm currently investigating pulling that information from the database manually, since it appears to all be there.  If you haven't already, spend some time in the database itself looking at the Netflow tables -- you might be able to get what you want by bypassing the Report Writer.

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              Andy McBride

              So, to clarify for my feature enhancement log, you would like reports showing application usage as a percent of available b/w, used b/w or both?

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                   For my case, used b/w, but I can see how some people might be interested in % of available b/w.

                  I really think all the pieces are already there...  The Netflow 'Total Bytes Transferred' graph shows how much was transferred in 15 minutes, we just need a graph that shows that information changed to b/w.


                  Thanks for looking into this!