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    NetFlow 3 SP1 Issues

      We recently upgraded Orion (now at 8.5.1 SP3) and NetFlow (now at 3.0 SP1) and since then have had a couple of issues with NetFlow.

      1) We have a linux box running softflowd that sends NetFlows to the Orion server. This was working fine with NF 2, but with NF3 its reporting that its now received any data ever, so the node is not clickable to get to a NetFlow summary screen for the node. However, if we go to a different device in NetFlow, then change the device ID to that of the linux box (eg Orion/TrafficAnalysis/NetflowNodeDetails.aspx?NetObject=NN:161 changes to Orion/TrafficAnalysis/NetflowNodeDetails.aspx?NetObject=NN:20) we do get NetFlow details for the linux box - and the data is current. So despite reporting never receiving any data, it definitely is.


      2) The NetFlow views are not refreshing automatically. We have orion set to refresh views every four minutes, and the NetPerf views (eg Top 10, Node details) do refresh, however non of the NetFlow views do.


      Anyone else seen this ?




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          Yeah sure i have the same problem. I couln't even install at first so I had to remove all databases due to some TCP port beeing duplicate I saw the fix in Sp1 of netflow but that is just to late since the base 3.0 installation fails which you need for 3.0 Sp1 update.

          Also what happened to the memory, network and  cpu usage of this whole suite? Only 1 year ago we could do fine with a P3-1000, 512Mbyte and WIn2k3 + dedicated SQL. Now we need an Xeon 2,4Ghz, 2 Gbyte memory and an SQL that has to keep up with 2-5 Mbit of flow of data all the time for no apparent reason?

          Getting fed up with bugs and resourcehoging. DotNET seems to be the source for most hoging of resource. There are other software upgraded to DotNET that appears to have the same issues.