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    How to use SQL to batch update interface caption in db? Orion always overwrite my update!

      I have a customer information table, I want  use SQL to batch update the interfaces caption to my cusyom name. But when I change the Interfaces table, Orion always overwrite my update with old information in short minutes. Why?

       My SQL is follow:

      update interfaces
          set InterfaceLastChange = getdate(), LastSync = getdate(),
              caption = ifName+' - '+ibossview.custom+' -',
              interfaceAlias = ibossview.custom,
              fullname = ibossview.nodeName + '-' + ifName+' - '+ibossview.custom+' -'
          from interfaces, ibossview
          where interfaces.interfaceid = ibossview.interfaceID and interfaces.nodeID=94

      After I update the table, I can see in the web -> Node detail .But in few minutes it was back with old caption. I check the interfaces table and find it was back!

       But when I  use orion system manager to change the interface name, It will remain the changed name, not rollback. I check the interfaces table content, find it is like my update. Same table content, deference result!