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    Advanced Alerts


      I have read all of posts I could manage to see if this has been covered. I didn't find it in anything I read.


      I have configured several advanced alerts based on custom pollers I created for interface MIBs. The MIBS are for giants, runts, aborts, etc. First, it only seems to work on routers. Second, the alerts get triggered and show in the Advanced Alert window, I get an e-mail, it all seems fine. The problem is that I get only like four alerts. If I go into the Alert Manager and clear the alerts, I will get four more. It does not matter how much time elapses, as soon as it is cleared, the next four come in.

       My suspecion was that if the interface has collected eight errors, I will get eight alerts, four at a time. I have tested this theory, sometimes it is correct, sometimes it is not.

       Does anyone have any ideas about what I need to do differently? I'd like all the alerts to appear in the alert window as they come in, not as the old are cleared.

       Does anyone have any ideas why they don't work for switches?

       I'd appreciate any input anyone has.