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    Error connecting to SQL 2005 database in Database Manager


      I receive the following error when trying to add a SQL server to Database Manager

      cannot connect to SQL Server on "Server Name"

      I found the following possible solution but it did not work

      How do I correct connection issues in which my Orion server cannot connect to my SQL Server database?This is often caused by a registration issue with SQLdmo.dll on the Orion NPM server. Locate the SQLdmo.dll file and write down the location. At a command prompt, enter regsvr32 fullPathToSQLdmo.dll\SQLdmo.dll. For example, enter regsvr32 C:\Program Files\SolarWinds\Common\SQLDMO9\sqldmo.dll. After registering SQLdmo.dll, run the Orion Configuration wizard to reconnect to your SQL Server instance

      The SQL user we are using to connect is the owner and we were able to connect to the database during setup. It appears that Orion (v8.5.1)is using the databse to store informaiton we just can't add the database to Database Manager. The database also shows up under SolarWinds Orion>Advanced Features>Monitor Polling Engines.