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    Netscreen SSG550 MultiLink Interface

      I have some Juniper/Netscreen SSG550s that have a 4 T1 bundled into a ml1 interface.  My multilink interface shows up just fine, but the serial interfaces show up as Warning status.  All 4 serial interfaces are bundled into ml1 and are status up.

      I don't have any issues with Cisco routers with bundled interfaces just the Juniper firewalls.  I want to be able to see up/down status of the serial interfaces but why does it show up as Warning and how can I tell Orion the serial  interfaces are part of the multilink interface


      Running Orion 6.5.1

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          This is an issue with the Juniper mib and not Orion.  I also have Juniper netscreen firewalls and my t1 serial interfaces show in "warning" status.  If you do an snmpwalk of the firewall you will see that the status in solarwinds is accurate with what is on the device.  I have opened a case with Juniper to see if they can correct this issue.  The real issue is that Juniper netscreens store their accurate interface info in their private mib and not the mib-2 interface mib.  If you notice, solarwinds won't see tunnel interfaces you create on a netscreen firewall either but the private mib for juniper netscreen will show you all the tunnel interfaces as well as the physical.  I have an enhancement request in with Juniper to have them migrate all interfaces into the standard mib-2 interface table so Orion will be accurate.