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    custom view: group of  interfaces

       hello, i want to create a view for my noc partners, they will need a view that just shows several interfaces min/max/average bps in/out, in the node deatils i cant select just a few interfaces , and in the interface details it just shows me 1 interface?

      any hint? 

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           Hey there. YOu need to create a custom view -- it's a somewhat cumbersome process though .  This is how I do it -- if someone has better instructions, please fill us in!


          1 .First, you need to go to Admin > Manage Views.

            2. Create a new view with a relevant name, make the type of view 'Summary' and hit 'Submit'.

          3.  Once you're at the customize page, click on the + icon to add a resource.  Choose 'Miscellaneous' > 'Custom HTML or Text'.

          4, Add as many of the custom HTML items as you will need for the interfaces you want to monitor.

          5. Click on 'Preview' and this new view should come up in a new window. YOu should see all of your Custom HTML items.

          6. Using another browser window, go to the first interface you want to use in the custom view and click on the min/max/average bps in/out graph. That should open up a new window with just that graph. 

          7.In your browser, click on 'Show page source' to see the html code for the page.

          8. Scroll down until you see a section similar to:


          <img src ="/NetPerfMon/Chart.asp? Chart=MMAVGBPS&NetObject=I:188&Period=Today&samplesize=1H&&FontSize=&Width=640&Height=0&Style=Default" border="0">



          9. Copy those 3 lines. Go to your other window that has the preview of your new view, and click 'Edit' on the custom HTML box where you want that graph to appear.

          10. Paste the html code into the 'Raw HTML' box, change the titles, and click submit.

          11. Repeat this process for every interface you want to appear on that custom view.

           12.  Once you have all the items on the page that you want to display, copy the url for that page: It should be something like http://NetPerfMon/Orion/SummaryView.aspx?viewid=25 .   The viewid is the descriptor for that individual view.

          13. Go to Admin > Customize Menu Bars.

          14. Find the Menu bar you'd like to add this view to, and click 'Edit'.

          15. Click on the + to add a new menu bar item.

          16. At the very bottom of the page, click on 'Add Custom Menu Item'

          17. Enter a name, and paste in the url for the view from step 12.  Click 'Submit'

          18. You should be back at the Edit Menu bar page.

          19. Click submit to save the changes on that menu bar.



          After that you should be able to see the new menu item on that bar. When you click on it, it should bring up that custom page with all the interfaces you want on it.


          Clear as mud right?


          Hope that helps!



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            Thanks!  This thread helped this begennier out!  Cheers!