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    Orion and VmWare Workstation


      I installed Orion on a virtual server
      My concern is the following:
      Unable to recover SNMP information from the machine hosting the virtual server as well as other virtual machine.
      Yet I can ping from the virtual server.

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          Have you added the IP address or hostname of your Orion system, to the"Accept SNMP packets from these hosts" (Under Services, SNMP Service, Security).

          By default W2K3 only accepts requests from Localhost - this doesn't seem to work even though you are accessing it from the "Localhost"

          Hope this helps?


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              The configuration of the SNMP agent is good.
              My PC and other virtual machine send well on my virtual server
              I can not understand what's wrong
              I will reconsider whether another PC happens to send this trap SNMP server

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                  Just to confirm, your Orion Instance can collect SNMP stats from your devices and it can poll the same nodes?

                  You are not receiving SNMP traps from the devices on the Orion system?

                  Is the SNMP Trap service started on the Orion Server - by default this is set to manual - you need to set it to automatic and start it. 

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                      Orion arrives to collect stat SNMP but on the other network elements. Only the host and a virtual machine are not reachable by the SNMP.
                      Unable to communicate with these two elements
                      On the server Orion, the service Trap is set as follows:
                      automated service and start it.
                      And with OidView install on my physical machine, I can see the information on my pc host and all the virtual machines

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