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    Netflow v3 dropping nodes

      I'm running Netflow v3 less than a week old. We were monitoring just our primary core router until this afternoon when my boss added the other dozen odd core routers. Now a couple hours later, Netflow is going "Nodes? What nodes? You haven't configured any nodes?" I've already re-run the config wizard (that seems to be step one when dealing with SW/NTA issues) and no dice. I can re-add the devices no problem, but they haven't polled any data over the two hours they were down.
      I can understand how on other networks this would be an annoyance and not a true problem. On my network however, people who are, for a lack of a better term, stupid, will be watching SW, and have nothing better to do in the middle of the night than complain self-importantly that the core router is down because they can't see it on NTA, even though it's clearly green on the Network Map.

      Does anyone have any guess as to why NTA would just drop nodes like that? They're a bunch of different devices and they all worked great for about 2 hours, leading me to think application, not hardware. Any help to avoid this happening again would be greatly appriciated, as I enjoy my sleep, and have no desire to have to resist yelling at officers.