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    NPM 7.8 vs 8.5

      hi experts :)

      I am relatively new to solarwinds and its network monitoring. So I still need to learn a lot about the application and the things that go with that.

       Back to my question. The company I work for has NPM version 7.8.139 and I see that version 8.5 is already availble and read somehwhere that version 9 is on the release cards so my question, sould I build up our current version with the other modules like, the engineers toolset, cirrus, etc. Or rather do grunt work and let the company buy 8.5 and then add the toolsets to the new version rather?? I am really excited about the possiblities that I have available to me with using the current version. Also what the differences between the two versions?

      Some history that might make it easier to give your opinions:

      1. 580 nodes (servers, switches and routers) - Devices that SNMP v1 enable and setup and devices that dont have SNMP configured at all.

      2. 759 Interfaces (not all swithces have all interfaces monitored) How do i know which interfaces should be monitored (up/down and which for up/down and traffic)?

      3. 15 Volumes (not all Servers have SNMP configured) - Based on the server nodes that have SNMP v1 enabled.

      Thanks inadvance.

       Hope to hear form you people soon.


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          The toolsets, Cirrus, and Lansurveyor are separate from Orion and run without it.  If these tools have features that you are looking for then go for it sooner than later.  Based on your version I am guessing that you do not have current maintenance for Orion so you will want to get that purchase out of the way before it gets too late in the year when budgets are crunched.  You will need to upgrade to 8.5 before you can touch to 9.0 anyway.  Solarwinds Net flow does require Orion and the new 3.0 version is worth considering (at least budget it for next year). These are my opinions anyway.