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    Updating Device Properties

      I upgraded from v8.5 to the latest build of 9.0.1.

      I am actually very pleased with the upgrade and all the changes made.  I did have to dedicate a full day to getting things to look the way I wanted, but I only had about 75 devices, so it was not too bad.

      What I would like to do is get the Device Information to update without having to do a Network Scan of each device.

      Is there a way to force this information to update?  I think the issue I am running into is that the "device" does not know what IP address to use as it's primary.


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          Hi aynov, glad to hear you're enjoying all the new features in v9!    You don't have to do a network scan device-by-device.  You can schedule a network scan of the IP range of those devices and it should force a rediscovery of the required information.  Just make sure you provide the appropriate SNMP credentials.    Let me know how this goes.