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    Remove NetFlow from WebView


      The NetFlow installation was un-intalled, yet it still displays in Orion's Modules and tables still exist in the database.

      How is the remainder of the application removed?

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           I have the exact same problem, and it is negatively affecting the Orion web site.  The Netflow v3, and v3 SP1 (either, or, both) engines make my server bog down, and completely break the Orion website.  When I remove Netflow,  the website starts working on a LIMITED basis:  all the Netflow links are still on the Orion website despite their removal, and when I drill down into objects I get a bunch of errors crying about Netflow not being there.  So the Orion website is BROKEN.  Thanks Netflow. 

          Anyone have any idea how to fully and completely remove Netflow from my production Orion server, and get the website working again?   Thanks.

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              mark wiggans

               From the website ...go into Admin > Manage Views.  Edit Top 10, Node Details, and Interface Details, and remove any of the NetFlow resources that you find in any of these views. Hopefully this will resolve the errors and may prevent future errors. Most of the NetFlow resources are named Top XX Applications, Top XX Conversation, Top XX Domains, Top XX Protocols.

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                  Thanks Mark.  You were correct, but it wasn't working for me until I ran the repair for Orion for some reason.  With some help from James in support we were able to finally remove all traces of Netflow.  Here's the steps we took:

                  1) Repaired the Orion installation from Control Pannel > Add/Remove Programs, chose the "Change" option and "Repair" in the winndow that popped up.  This takes a few minutes

                  2)  Re-apply the service packs.  Since SP3 encompasses the prior 2 service packs, re-installing SP3 was all that was needed.

                  3)  Web site was working again, but not  the pages to individual nodes or interfaces, to get these to work went into the configuration window for these (On the Orion website:  Admin tab > Manage Views > Select the views that don't seem to be working here.  From those  individual page configurations, we removed any references to Netflow pages that remained (like Top XX Applications, Top XX Talkers, etc), these are DIFFERENT than the "Top XX Errors" and other data provided by Orion.  So it's important to differentiate between charts produced by the Orion module vs. charts produced by Netflow module.  Remove all references to the Netflow module charts.

                  4)  James from support also recommended to run the Database Maintenance function from within the NPM application, just to be sure the database gets fully cleaned up after all these changes.   

                  This did the trick.  Without Netflow the Orion website seems to be working a little faster as well.   Hope this helps anyone else having similar issues. 

                  Goofyzig in Phoenix, AZ

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                Final steps for NetFlow removal..

                Access the InetPub folder ( :\Inetpub ) and select the solarwinds website. Delete the folder TrafficAnalysis and Traffic Analysis under :\Inetpub\Solarwinds\Orion\.
                Restart the website.
                This will make sure you don't see the tab at the website anymore.

                Backup the database.
                You will have to delete\drop the Netflow tables within the database in order to have Netflow removed. Also check the views table for any Netflow views. If you find Netflow views delete them.

                The Table and View names are straight forward they all start with "NetFlow".