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    MIBs Database Requests


      I have a couple of requests related to the MIBs database.

      1.  Any efforts to consolidate the location for the MIBs.cfg database for all SW products would be much appreciated.  Updating two or three different directories with a 300MB+ size file is a bit tedious.

      2.  It'd be nice if there was a free application available to paid maintenance customers that would check on the availability of an updated MIB database.  Perhaps it could also work as a service, whereby it checks every week or two to see if there is an updated MIBs.cfg, and if so, download it and copy it to the proper location(s).

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          I agree with this.The MIB DB is now 430 MB

          and needed to copy the database 3 times.  Now that is 3 * 430 MB.  How about standardizing on the \Common directory.  That is probably why someone decided on "SolarWinds\Common".

          * Cirrus: D:\Program Files\SolarWinds\Configuration Management  Complete
          * Orion: D:\Program Files\SolarWinds\Common
          * Toolset v9: D:\Program Files\SolarWinds\Engineer's Toolset\