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    Polls Per Second Tuning - bad or good?


      I installed the polls per second tuning application on my newly built 8.5.1 SP3 poller and it (a) broke the license and (b) caused me to re-run the config wizard (c) immediately started losing SNMP polls when I brought it up to the recommended levels of 99 & 61. I'm on a 3Ghz/6GB RAM system now with ooldes of GB's on a RAID 0+1, and the SQL server is separate. So to the question - with 5000 elements is polling at the default 30/sec ok and not using the recommended setting from the PPST application or should I expect to start missing polls to elements?

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          Orion itself is not CPU or Drive IO intensive, but it will hammer it's NIC, hopefully you have gig nics in it. 

          SNMP Collection intervals can not be set to lower than 1 minute, and with that many elements on one engine, it won't make it around the network if your chocking it through a 100MB 

          what are your Node Manager Settings for Polling and for Collection (Statistics)

          I'd hazard a guess that the return SNMP bulkget (stats) packets are dieing on the server NIC buffer 

          What is your SNMP timeout set to in the Node Manager?

          Is your DB server a monster as well?<---Thats where you need the CPU+RAM+Fast Disks and big NIC(s)