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    Data Getting missed from polls


      We have deployed Solarwinds NPM 8.5 SLX with SP3  for our country level Network Monitoring which is connected via MPLS cloud. I have more than 550 devices deployed this contributes to more than 6000 interfaces (elements).

       For this deployment we have used a server with following specification
      IBM X seris 225
      Intel xeon 2.8 Ghz
      2.5 GB of RAM
      300 GB of Harddisk space.

      This is a dedicated server with windows 2003 Server Standard edition.
      I am using default MSDE as my database server on the same hardware which has a current database size of 2.8 GB

      Right from the begining i am experiencing the problem of data getting missed or not polled from various devices and sometimes few interfaces of a same device. This also includes the network nodes which are connected on the same LAN of the datacenter so there is no issue in the MPLS cloud. Server resources are also not highly utilized.

      When i checked the same device on my old monitoring software it shows the correct and complete data so the problem is not with the device but with the orion NPM.

      Can anyone suggest what could be the reason and how to reslove the same. We are using this product for SLA monitoring so that makes the database too critical to be lost. It is also next to impossible to get all the 550+ devices reconfigured in the tool again.




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          Have you performed any poller tuning Rajiv? From my experience, 6000 elements on a single server will require the number of pollers to be increased to avoid missed polls.

          We generally try to stay within 5-6000 elements per poller. The provided Poller tuning tool suggests 80 pollers at this size, but we have found better results doubling this to 160. I'm guessing however that a number of factors will influence this for each implementation (i.e. this may not be the same for you)

          Also, I suspect that using MSDE that you will quickly run out of database space (doesn't MSDE 2005 have a 4Gig size limit?).


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              Thanks Sav

              Definately MSDE has 4GB of limit i am already planning to migrate the complete database to SQL 2005 standard database for which i have raised a request to my procurement team. But that will take atleast a month more. my current database size is 2.4 GB only 60% of the limit.

              I have logged a case with the solarwinds team also we checked by increasing the poller tunning value from the default 30 to the recommended 140 but that made the situation bad , polling completion value dipped down to 98.83 from 99.43. So we have to roll back to 30

              To be precise i have 541 nodes and 6267 interfaces.


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              Using perfmon on the Orion server, what's your average disk queue length?