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    Report Writer


      Provide the ability to create Top10/TopXX reports based on the content of Custom Property, for This Month, Last Month, etc.  For example, I have a custom property named "Department" of which there are 9 values. Currently under v8.5.1, Top10 only works for Top10 overall nodes, not 10 nodes per the content of Custom Property. You have to create an individual report for each Department filtering on the "Department" value.  In my case 9.  That is, 9 per each type report I need like Availability, Latency, Packet Loss, Interface Utilization, and on and on.  That's a LOT of reports.  Then I need to merge all reports of the same Report Type into one group report for management.  This takes a LOT of time.  Having the ability to create a single report showing the TopXX nodes for each "Department" would save a lot of manual effort. I could then have Job Scheduler fire off the report and email to management each month.