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    Netperfmon has started switching between NICs and taking a lot of CPU


      This problem started last Friday.  The netperfrmon service has started to take a lot of cpu on the server it is installed on. It is taking 80%+ continuously.  It has also been giving us failover notices to hot standby about every ten minutes.  We can resolve these notices by restarting the service, but that only takes care of it for a while.  We have also rebooted the server and it makes no difference.  We are using orion version 8.1, and we have running Orion in general on this server for 4 years and have never had this problem.  


      The only change that was made on last Friday was we installed the SolarWinds TFTP server.  I am not sure how that would have affected it.  That service is not even running right now anyway.

       I found a post on the forum about a server with multiple NICs and changing the priority of them in advanced settings under control panel, but that did not help.  It is just continuously switching back and forth between the NICs, and this is causing the CPU to hang.

       I submitted to support as well, but they have not been too much help so far.