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    cannot download remote router configs. TFTP server timeout errors.


      when I try to download router configs from remote routers using any of the cisco config tools, I get TFTP timeout errors.

       I can download the config from my local router here at my site across a LAN link just fine. I can download one across a 20mbit wireless link OK.

       if I try to reach out across my WAN to a remote site via our MPLS T1, I get a "network/server timeout" errror in the downloader application. If I look at the log files of my tftp server (solarwinds free ver , I see it create the file, then repeated errors about the file not being available due to it being used by another process.

      Credentials pass muster on both local and remote routers. I am prompted during the process to choose which config I want for both remote and local.