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    Cant find Disabled Monitors group

      Upgraded from 8.5 to 9.01 and now I cant find the disabled monitors which normaly was showing in the "All monitors" list. We didnt have a group named disabled or so on so now we miss the possibility to enable thos.


      Also when I clonse a monitor it makes a clone which is disabled which I can not enable because I can not find it under devices. How do I make this work?

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          Go to Devices tab.   Select SmartGroups > Disabled Monitors.    Think of SmartGroups as groups whose contents are based on a filter.  You can leverage the default SmartGroups provided or you can create your own. 

          For example, to create a SmartGroup that contains "All Monitors".  Perform the following steps:

          1. Navigate to folder in which you want to create the SmartGroup
          2. Select Add > Add New SmartGroup
          3. Enter name (e.g. All Monitors) 
          4. Set "SmartGroup contains" dropdown to "Monitors"
          5. Remove all SmartGroup filter rules
          6. Click OK to save

          If you navigate to the All Monitors SmartGroup, you will now see all Monitors.  NOTE:  This list is long and will be likely constrained to Top 20.  To show all monitors, click on area where it says "Monitors (Top 20)" and select "All Monitors".  

          For both performance and usability reasons, my recommendation would be to create more specific SmartGroups rather than general ones like "All Monitors" but it's there if you need it ;-)