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    Win32: Not enough storage space to complete this operation

      Is this a memory leak or bug in Win2k?

      We have IPMonitor monitoring a number of our remote servers.  All our remote win2k3 servers work fine but every single one of our Win2k server all come up with this error with a week ior two eventually which prevents IPMonitor from logging on to them via WMI.  SNMP and RPC connections to these servers are unaffected. 

      It seems that this can be caused by WMI not logging off the remote servers properly and therefore the memory allocated for that connection isn't released so that the next time IPMonitor logs on it does the same thing so that within a week or so it will run out of memory.

      Installed memory managers to see if they can free up the resources but they haven't made any difference after seeing memory being freed up.

      So, anyone experienced this or have clues on how to resolve it?