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    TFTP - Server drops sub-directories and looks in root for files!

      Hi There,

      I recently upgraded my win2000 server to from 8.2.  Since doing so, my devices can't access files in sub-directories.  Instead, the server looks for the files in the root directory. 

      For example, I'm hosting files for SIP phones in TFTP-Root\SIP.  My phones have been getting the sip.cfg file from the TFTP-Root\SIP directory just fine for months, but when I upgraded the server log started showing the phones looking for TFTP-Root\sip.cfg even though they are set to be looking for TFTP-Root\Sip\sip.cfg.

       If I move the files to the root folder it works, but I just have too many different devices for a flat structure like this. 

      I upgraded because I have 50 phones and if my POE switch rebooted and all 50 phones were trying to get their files at the same time 8.2 would just shut down suddenly. 

       Please help!  Your TFTP server is awesome, but I may have to actually *gasp* pay for a tftp server solution if I can't get this working.