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    Changing monitor values via mass monitor edit across all managed devices

    Andrew Story

      Hi - a couple of questions please,


      Is it possible to change the threshold value of say the bandwidth monitor across the board for all bandwidth monitors in one go?  I assume you'd use mass edit but don't see any options here.


      Can you delete a monitor from all servers using mass edit?


      Any help much appreciated (again)


      Thanks Andrew


          • Re: Changing monitor values via mass monitor edit across all managed devices

            I can't speak on whether that exact setting of the bandwidth monitor can be modified via the Mass Edit feature, but in general, yes, these sorts of things can be done using Mass Edit.  If you don't see the option, make sure that you're showing the proper "feature set" inside the Mass Edit page.  In other words, when the window pops up and gives you the list of things to change, look down at the bottom and find the drop-down box which lets you modify the type of monitor settings to change.  Cycle through them until you find the right set.

            As for using Mass Edit to delete, you can just do a search for the monitors within the Devices tab and when they all show up in the results, select all and delete.  To search in the Devices tab, look up at the top left-hand corner and you'll see a text box.  You can enter a lot of different types of search criteria in here, including custom tag information.  For instance, I have a custom tag called "interface" which denotes the interface on which a particular monitor resides.  If I want to search for all the monitors that contain "Serial0/1", I enter the following in the box, select the teeny-tiny almost invisible arrow next to the text box, and choose "Monitors/Search by Tag":


            If all your monitors have a common name, such as "[server] CPU", just search for "CPU", hit Enter (you don't have to choose a search option if you're just searching for monitor names), and the items should appear in the right-hand pane.

            Hope this helps.