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    Bandwidth monitor settings for T1


      I have multiple T1's in my router and am having trouble finding realistic values for the Bandwidth monitor SNMP

      Any new monitor defaults to: Last-Value Threshold defaults to 1638.40, Max Traffic in & out defaults to 409.6. What would be good setting for 1.54 (Full T1) and I want to be alerted when it is more than 70% used.

      Same thing for any bandwidth monitor. If I have a GB lan card, the same defaults are used. Its almost like I am wishing for a simple case of fields that say Max Port Speed and % of usage.

      The other thing I am a bit unsure of is if the poll is only happening every 5 minutes (and this is a bandwidth monitor), is the trap it is pulling from giving the bandwidth total usage since the last poll, or only period while the poll is happening.