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    How to customize "Data Table" Period ?


      As the attachment below :


      the period shown on each row on the "Data Table" informed the test result on each hour. Actually, I've configured the duration between each test is 5 minutes. Can we customize the "Data Table" to provide the test result information following the duration between test ? So each row didn't show the result of each hour but show the result of every 5 minute test.



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          I've check with Matt in development and was given the following guidance:

          Reports will only show in 5 minutes in a 1 hour time selection.  Any larger than that (e.g. 3 hours in Time Selection) and it woud show 4 hours broken into 15 minutes.  ipMonitor automatically rolls stats into higher time periods to save the database from getting to large.   So, the only report that can show 5 minutes is a previous hour report.