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    NetFlow v3.0 is now Available!

    Andy McBride

      SolarWinds is pleased to announce the General Availability of NetFlow Traffic Analyzer 3.0

      Customers with active Maintenance Agreements may download this new version and upgrade.


      Key Features of this Version

      NetFlow Traffic Analyzer version 3.0 includes the following new features:

      • QoS Performance Views - Easily view network traffic segmented by Class of Service methods such as Type of Service or DSCP. Quantify and visualize the amount of traffic each of your Quality of Service (QoS) levels is consuming including voice and video data.

      • Personalized Traffic Views - Create and access personalized views by filtering NetFlow information for specific details such as domain traffic generated during standard office hours (8-5p) from a specific IP address excluding application data on port 514.

      • Additional flow support is now available for:

      • NetFlow v9 device support

      • sFlow v5 device support from vendors including Extreme Networks, HP, Foundry Riverbed and others

      • J-Flow device support

      • Port Application Grouping - Assign an application which uses several network ports to a group to gauge performance for an application.

      • Network-wide resources are now available – Quick access to top talker and top application data. Top XX Applications, Conversations, Endpoints, Types of Service.

      • Fully integrated NetFlow resources within Orion views - NetFlow resources can easily be added to Orion views automatically.

      • Immediate DNS Lookup - You can now perform a quick manual DNS lookup when the scheduled DNS update feature has not updated yet.

      • Search for IP address ranges - The ability to search for IP address ranges is now available using the Search IP feature.

      • New Resource - Top XX NetFlow Source by % Utilization resource has been added.

      Fixes in this Version

      NetFlow Traffic Analyzer version 3.0 includes the following fixes:

      • Resolved issue where IP Address Groups Chart would periodically show as a red "X"

      • Fixed issue where the NetFlow Sources - NetFlow "Exporters Only" option does not display all available exporters.

      • Removed limitation where users would not have rights to NetFlow views if the views were created prior to the latest NetFlow install.

      • Fixed issue where "Exception: error occurred during packet processing. Object reference not set to an instance of an object." errors would appear in the Event Log.

      • Resolved issue where the Top XX IP Address Groups resource only listed 1 group.

      • Updated Charting component to resolve issue related to dips in data.

      • Resolved issue where Orion NetFlow Traffic Analyzer ignored the “Keep compressed data for x days” setting and retained all compressed data resulting in a larger than desired database size.
        Note: Now that this issue has been fixed, data older than 90 days will be removed from the database after upgrading.

      • Fixed issue where in certain specific situations, the times below the graphs would repeat.

      • Restarting the NetFlow service to view NetFlow data on recently added NetFlow interfaces is no longer required.