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    "alerting unavailable" in logs


      What could cause "alerting unavailable" messages in the ipMonitor log files?  I'm trying to debug a problem with alerting and each time I don't see an alert come through, this message appears in the logs. 

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          Hello Bleearg13,

          I did a quick search for that error message and found it at the end of the alert sequence. After all the rules are processed, if there were no alert actions selected this gets emitted into the log (if that message is allowed to go into the logs, which is the default). It's not the result of an internal error to the effect of "I give up"... we don't do that.

          My Advice is to try the following:

          1) Check out each Action's schedule (the bunch of green boxes that indicate which part of the week it'll be allowed to run on).

          2)  While you're there, check out the checkboxes in the Action that control if "Error / Recovery / Information" is allowed to run.

          3) Next, check out the Alert's setting to "Ignore" or "Alert on behalf of". If it's Ignore "My Network", well, that Alert just isn't going to go off.

          4) Downtime simulator is reasonably good at giving you an idea of what Alerts and Actions are being processed. I almost think this'd be the first step, but I know you're a long time user... so you've likely way past this.


          Let us know what you find, if anything.

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              Thanks, Peter.  I figured it out.  I forgot that the Downtime Simulator would provide me the alerts that would be triggered.  Seems an old setting got the better of me - my alerts for this particular group were set to go off after three failures rather than at the very first one.

              Thanks again!