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    Solarwinds.xla support

      I'm probably using a tool that is no longer supported.  I've tried the Solarwinds search feature but either the information has been archived or is no longer available. 

      I have the solarwinds.xla installed and working with Excel 2007.  the accompanying sample excel documents work with no problems.  I am able to change the IP and snmp strings to devices on the local LAN.  The cells are populated correctly.  It's when I change the OID object number to something other than in the example that I have problems. 

      I've been using a Cisco 3750 as my target device and I know my OID objects work with snmpget and other programs.  Is there a limitation in the VB script itself?  Has this problem been resolved with any unsupported, subsequent releases?

      Some of the OID objects if tried are without success:

      .    returns switch serial number

      .    returns switch model number

      .      returns IOS version

      I have even created a new Excel document using =snmpget in the formula.  The sample OID values work but the one's listed above simply return "No Such Name". 

      Has anyone encountered this problem and resolved it?