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    Monitoring Cisco 2811

      I have Network Performance Monitor installed and the traffic analyzer and it can see our Cisco's okay but not sure if picking up all information. When I logged into the Cisco I noticed an option on the interface application service :

      Enable Netflow in inbound direction
      Enable Netflow in outbound direction

      None of these are ticked. Should these be?


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           Yes, they should both be ticked. You also need to set a destination for the NetFlow traffic - but I can't see anywhere in SDM to set that - you'll need to do it via the cli.

           Telnet into the router, and go to the enable screen. then do:


          conf term

          ip flow-export source <source interface>
          ip flow-export version 5
          ip flow-export destination <net flow analayser ip> 2055

          eg: From one of my 2811's:

          ip flow-export source FastEthernet0/0
          ip flow-export version 5
          ip flow-export destination 2055