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    aggregation link w/ 2 trunk ports cisco 6509 - NDE Conf

      Hi all,

      My 6509 switch has 2 trunk ports configured in aggregation

      I would like to know if someone has managed to export NetFlow statistics from a trunk port?

      That's the first step. Then because I am using 2 trunk ports as port trunking I would like to export NetFlow statistics only from one logical port to the Orion server.

      I do not know how to configure this.

      It seems that the interface which is exporting the statistics must have a layer 3 address (IP address). It is not possible and sounds weird to set an ip address to a trunk port.

      from this link: http://www.cisco.com/univercd/cc/td/doc/product/core/cis7600/121_8aex/swcg/nde.htm#1043891
      "Enabling NetFlow Switching

      To enable NetFlow switching, perform this task for each Layer 3 interface for which you want NDE:"

      or that we need to set an IP address to the VLAN to export statistics from this one:

      from this link: http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/switches/lan/catalyst6500/ios/12.2SXF/native/configuration/guide/nde.html

      "To enable NetFlow for bridged IP traffic on a VLAN, you must create a corresponding VLAN interface, assign it an IP address, and enter the no shutdown command to bring up the interface. The exported bridged flows will have ingress and egress VLAN information and not the physical port information."

      The problem is that if I assign one IP address per VLAN, I am going to see one interface for one VLAN in the NetFlow webconsole. It does not solve my issue.

      Any help appreciated.