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    Craig Norborg

       Has anyone looked at this product by NetXar?  http://www.switchinspector.com


      Looks like a very nice version of the Switch Port Mapper, not too expensive either.   Solarwinds could learn from these guys, it looks much nicer to me.


      Am I missing something?  Has anyone else looked at it and evaluated the plusses/minuses? 

        • Re: SwitchInspector?

          I just downloaded and fired up the product.

           The first I see is that there is a bit more info, and more consistancy from Switchinspector than in SPM (

           For instance, I ran them side by side, on the same switch using the same router. picked a random interface and compared the results. SPM told me speed, name, and vlan. Switchinspector, however, also found the MAC Address (WHY didnt Solarwinds pick this one up?!??!)

          Also, why dont we get the option to show the VLAN Description?!  I realize the VLAN ID was added with the hotfix, but still.

            • Re: SwitchInspector?

               dclick - SPM does collect the MAC of the switch interface, you just need to set it to view that column in the settings dialog (set it once, it will do it forever.)

               File -> Settings -> Results Tab -> Select 'MAC Address of the switch port' and click the right arrow to add it the right hand column.

               *And VLAN description should be in the next release :)