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    Users can't run TFTP program

      OK, I've got 340 copies of the SolarWinds tool set with the TFTP server with 4000+ users that can not run the new TFTP software.  The TFTP service is set to auto start and is running, but the users get a windows error message when starting the TFTP Server software with a NET2.0 error.  The 5 domain admin accounts do work however, but no other users have this privilege level.  How can this situation be corrected.  I need to deploy this upgraded image to the systems (with the new TFTP server included) by the end of May. 

      The old 2001 version of the TFTP server has worked in this environment for the last 3+ years without incident, but we have new routers with as IOS file size over 32 Mb and need to upgrade the TFTP server to this version and get ot to work.