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    Creating an HTTP Monitor that has a hardcoded IP

       I want to create an HTTP monitor that monitors a domain    xxx.com at a particular IP.

      When creating the Light weight HTTP monitor I must choose a domain or an IP , but not both.

      My IPMonitor machine is dual homed, and I want to check our websites as though I am outside our network, so I installed a second NIC that is connected to a different ISP and added route statements to the box that will send packets to our Public IPs through the second NIC.

      Unfortunately since our web sites are also accessed from their private address, DNS resolution prevents resolving the domain names to their public IPs.  Though I have added entries to the "Hosts" file, the DNS cache is also refreshed with inside IPs ahead of the manually configured IPs and the monitor goes to the inside.



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          The way that we do it was with a hosts file entry on the machine that is running IpMonitor.

          You can find your hosts file here:

          Hmm... just read the rest of your post.

          run this on you IpMonitor machine - ipconfig /flushdns

          That will get rid of you dns cache and provided you have everything in your host file it should work propperly. Hosts file get processed prior to dns.