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    Feature Request - Node Views


      Maybe this has been mentioned before, but something I always thought would be nifty is having different types of options with Node Views.  Orion displays a wealth of information for a node, by default.  Organizing that information is not always easy, especially once you start adding in your own custom HTML, MIB poller status, charts, etc.  Rather than have a single "Node View", why not make the Node View show some basic info, but have tabs just underneath the menu bar that point link to various details about the node, all of which can be added or removed, depending on the device type.  Something like:

      General Info    |    CPU & Memory  |    Interfaces    |     Availability   |   Alerts & Events   |    Syslog    |    Custom Information

      This way, you can organize all the information into separate pages without having one huge giant page filled with a ton of graphs and tables that require you to scroll down several screen heights to view.

      Maybe someone's already done this?