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    One common management interface for adding/deleting nodes for NPM & all modules


      I don't know if this has already been requested or is already on the SW roadmap. 9.0 maybe?

      It would be nice to have one common management interface for adding/deleting nodes & adding nodes to modules. We have all modules except NTA. Today NPM and every module has it's own inconsistent method of adding/removing nodes. It is a royal pain trying to educate and keep reminding NOC staff what they have to do beyond adding node initially to NPM.  they have to remember and follow different procedures to include the node also in the appropriate add-on modules.   For example, if NPM use RDP connection and execute SM, if AM RDP and execute AM tool, if VoIP use web console one way, if APM use web console another way, if Wireless use RDP and execute Wireless tool, Custom Poller do this,do that. We dont' have NTA but if I remember when we trialed the module, use RDP and run NTA.  Hell, it's a nightmare.  I would like to see a single interface (perhaps a wizard) with check boxes for each installed module  Upon entering the required fields (ipaddress, selecting community string from drop-down, SNMP type) it walks you through prompting for appropriate information for the modules selected. In the case of adding a new module and the device already exists, a drop-down list of all existing NPM nodes in order to select all the nodes for the newly added module.  Except for the APM module, you have to add one node at a time which is another royal pain and time consuming.