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    Discover subnets and gateways



      We are trying to update our global network dokumentation with some kind of autodiscovery. The problem is to find the corresponding gateways to a subnet.

      Does anyone have an approach to this problem?


      I'd be greatful for any hint.




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          This weekend I tried "LanSurveyor" ... it discovered 67 Subnets ... the routing table auf our Core already contains 220. So thats not a real help.

          Does anyone have a better idea?




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               Hi Oliver,

               Without a little more information, it's difficult to address your LANsurveyor concern. In order to discover all 220 subnets you expect, it may be you need to increase the hop count value when you start a discovery (File>New brings up the "Create A New Network Map" dialog, after you add one or more IP address ranges, increase the "Hops" value from the default 0 (zero) to enough router hops to span your entire set of subnets -- Press F1 to get an explanation of the Hops value).

               It is also important to provide valid SNMP authentication (either community strings and/or SNMPv3 options) for your routers. LANsurveyor gathers subnet information via SNMP and routers are a rich source of subnet connectivity data.

               Hope this helps.


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                  Hi Swan,


                  thank you for your hint, I tried that in different ways. First I added one of our full Class B net, second I tried the local subnet where the Solarwinds Server is located and increased the hop count. I entered all Communities that are currently used in Orion. The first way didn't show any subnets.

                  But I'll review the settings and try again tomorrow

                  The tool that worked best so far ist the NetworkSonar. Even if it showed some Class A networks.

                  Our company aquired some other companies and every administrator had his own ideas what a network documentation should look like. My task is now to build up a central DB with all Subnets an correspondig gateways.  So I need do find a way to compare our documentation with the current network topology. The network is mainly build on Cisco & Checkpoint.