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    Content Verification

      My second question regarding ipMonitor 9.

      We're looking to implement content verification, where, for example, ipMonitor will check a website to see not only if it's up/down, but if the content is correct.

      For example, we have custom 404 errors that follow our website template if a page cannot be displayed; to a user, the site would be down, but all pertinent services are still running.

      Can this be done? If so, how?

      Thanks in advance,



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          Hi Nick,

          In order to acheive this goal, you may want to try using the HTML/ASP Monitor.  The Monitor will connect to the Web server, request the web page, ensure that it receives a 200 response back from the server and also parse the body of the page to find a set text string.

          The following HTTP Monitors are available with ipMonitor:

          HTTP:  Ensures the server returns a 200 reponse back when requesting the web page

          HTML/ASP:  Ensures the server returns a 200 reponse back when requesting the web page and validate that a set text string is present on the page provided.

          HTTPS:  Same as HTML/ASP Monitor but through HTTPS instead of HTTP

          HTTP-User Experience: tests a web server's ability to accept incoming sessions and transmit a requested resource, such as a web page, or the results of a CGI script.  In other words, it does a checksum on the requested page and validate the returned value to ensure it has not changed.

           Link-User Experience: tests any links (HREFs) it locates within a specified web page to ensure the links can be successfully accessed by visitors



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