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    SMS Native from ipMonitor 9?

      Hi everyone.

       I'm currently evaluating ipMonitor9, and I have some questions regarding its functionality.

      Is it possible for ipMonitor to send out SMS alerts when a monitor enters a failed state? For example, I've got it watching our Exchange Server, which is all well-and-good, but if Exchange goes down, then there's no way for ipMonitor to send me an email to let me know that it's down.

       Would SMS be the way to go, and if so, how? Any other solutions to getting around this?

      Thanks so much!


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           Hi Nick,

          ipMonitor does have native SMS alert support.  Located below is a link that provides some information in configuring SMS Alerting within ipMonitor.


          Please ensure that you have the SMS Service phone number from your provider.


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              Hi Nick,

              Here is more information on the alerting (email process) for ipMonitor:

              With ipMonitor, the email alerting process works as follow:

              If you specify a mail server in the "Optional SMTP relay server" field of the System settings" page (available from the Configuration tab, ipMonitor will try to use this mail server to send the Email Alert. If the mail server is off-line or does not answer to the request, ipMonitor  will proceed as follow:

              - If a DNS Server has been specified in the "Optional DNS override server (for MX records)" section, ipMonitor will connect to this DNS server to retrieve MX record information for the recipient domain. If a value has not been specified, ipMonitor will use the DNS Server(s) configured for the local machine (ipMonitor host) 

              - ipMonitor will attempt to connect to the server specified in the preferred MX record, on port 25.

              - If the connection is successful, ipMonitor will send the email. If it is unsuccessful, ipMonitor will try the next MX record listed (if one exists), until the entire list of MX records has been exhausted.

              If ipMonitor is unable to communicate with any of the servers identified by the MX records, the email will not be sent.

              Note: In order for this alerting process to work as designed, the firewall needs to be configured to allow the ipMonitor host system's IP to send email externally using port 25.

              More information on the mail process can be found in the Administrator's guide under:

               Page Help : Server Settings : Identification : Email Delivery


              SolarWinds support team.