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    TFTP uses wrong interface

      I would like to run this on a machine but need to have the the TFTP server run against a specific interface. Everytime it starts it picks the same inteface but not the correct one. How do I accomplish this without having to take down the other interfaces before I start up the application?

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          The TFTP server is listening on all adapters. If you run (netstat -an | find "69") at a command prompt you should see the following.

          UDP             *:*

          The means that UDP port 69 is open on all adapters.

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            Boom2ns - By default, the TFTP server binds to the address "any", meaning all addresses. You can specify one address to bind to int he configuration dialog.

            Right mouse click the TFTP icon on the system tray and select Open to get to the status window, then select File -> Configure to get to the configuration dialog. There should be a drop down of available addresses from which you can select the address to bind to.