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    Email reports issue with IP Monitor 8.5

      We have IPMonitor 8.5 running, haven't got a chance to bring it up to v. 9 yet.  My question is regarding reports sent to email addresses.  I have 3 reports configured at the moment for SOX audit purposes.  My problem is that it takes forever to the emails to come up on my Outlook 2007 client.  I'm talking at least a full minute or more from the moment I click on the email to the moment Outlook is available again showing the contents.  During this time the Outlook client is pretty much unavailable.  This only happens on email reports from IP Monitor.  Everything else is snappy.

       Anyone else experiencing this?

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          Hello famous_it,

          Looks like nobody else is having the same experiences you are. Outlook 2007 changed its rendering engine to use Word's layout engine. You can make Outlook 2007 "render in a browser", but the email client will slug out before you get that option.

          Something you can do is use a report publisher to publish your reports to disk (instead of email) "within the ipMonitor wwwroot" (or within an IIS wwwroot) and have that saved. I would save it to a specific location and have it always overwrite.