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    More Feature Requests


      1) The ability to update the database via "Execute Script". This would allow you to update the information in the database for the device(s) that you are executing a script on. Example: In a script I am changing the snmp community string, username, password and the IP address on 50 devices. It would be of GREAT value if I could then specify in the script that I would like to update the information in the database with those values rather than having to update all 50 of them manually.

      2)  The ability to use if/then/else statements in the "Execute Script" function. Example: I have 50 modular routers and they have various WAN interface cards. I would like to create a script that says:

      IF interface description = "WAN" AND module slot 0 = "WIC-1DSU-T1"

      THEN do xyz.

      ELSE do abc.

      The ability to nest if/then/else statements would also be necessary in this case.