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    Check Out What's New in LANsurveyor 10.2!

      Check Out What's New in LANsurveyor 10.2!
      The newest version of LANsurveyor includes improvements within the discovery and mapping engine and several bug fixes.

      Version 10.2 Highlights:

      • Improved Discovery
        LANsurveyor version 10.2 offers faster, more accurate, and more complete network discovery.
      • Streamlined Mapping
        This version of LANsurveyor has reduced the size and improved the layout of the generated maps for an improved mapping experience.
      • Updated Visio Icons
        The icons displayed within Microsoft Visio for non-routers, non-switches, and non-VoIP devices have been updated to be sleek vendor icons.
      • Customizing Maps Quick Reference Guide
        A PDF now ships with LANsurveyor that provides tips for customizing your network maps.