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    automatic graphs refreshing

      Hi there,

      i have been evaluationg ipmonitor for about a week now..and have found it very usefull and would propose that we buy this product to our mangeers.

      we would like to use the reporting feature in the ipmoitor to display graphs on a few of our large displays.. how can i configure it so that the graphs and the stats  refresh automatically ( every 5seconds) without pressing the refresh button.

      oh and also.. will the graph's time scale move with the time (i.e are the graphs live??) if not  then is there a way to make them live.. can any one please confirm this. 

      Many Thanks


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          Hi fareed,

          Have you tried using the NOC Full Screen View?   This is what our customers use when they're wanting to display network/server/application health on their flat panel displays.

          The easiest way to navigate to this feature is to select the Devices tab.   Select the group of devices or monitors you'd like to display in the tree view in the left hand pane.  In the upper right, select NOC View and you will see a full screen view of device/monitor status.  You can toggle between Details and NOC high-level views once in this screen.



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              thanks for your reply.. yes i have tried the noc view.but unfortunately its not what we are looking for.

              Am i correct in sayin that ip monitor does not provide a way to view live graphs for noc purposes?


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                  I have a similar issue we use ipmonitor as our NOC screen,  and I have created a smart group using all the critical devices I want to monitor.  I run 2 instances of ipmonitor,  and set the first instance for an audible alert on when items go into warn. the 2nd instance has a dashboard view, which i prefer as I can get a general view of how the network is going displaying cpu memory disk bandwidth etc. By doing this I get an audible alert while the NOC screen is always displaying the dashboard,  a simple alt-tab switch's between views.

                  I have the same requirement for graphs, so I've created some reports that I publish,  Although its not live, it can be schedule it to run and write to disk, this forfills my requirements, but it is clumsy as I have vbscript running in the background, and also opening as many as 5 internet explorer sessions in kiosk mode.  I have to click alt tab to swap between all the views I have. It would be great to be able to have the graphs in the dashboard view, but also the ability to cycle between differant dashboards automatically within IPMonitor.

                  On a side note, does any one know of a product that will automatically cycle between open windows ?

                  Prior to v9  I thought IPMonitor was ok, but the features of v9 in addition to the fact I've spent time setting it up correctly, I'm now a huge fan of ipmonitor and believe its a solid product, but I do find that its difficult to create a generic overview of the network status that automatically refresh's. When you manage a large network, I believe this kind of reporting is critical to day to day monitoring.