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    ipmonitor web part for Sharepoint 2007

      I saw a single post requesting a gadget.  I am interested in something similar.  Has there been any interest in a sharepoint 2007 web part?  It would be fantastic to put a summary of key machines on a portal site for a global company to have poeple reference the status of the network.  Also, if reporting could be published in sharepoint, the easy access it would provide for managers to look at overal network performance would be big win.




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          This is a really interesting idea.   So you're saying that you would choose to display a section of the ipMonitor data (e.g. Map or specific resource) within your Sharepoint 2007 website.   From a security perspective, would you expect the web part to authenticate into ipMonitor somehow or is it okay if it functions with anonymous access?   Also, just curious, how many employees do you have in your company?   We're trying to understand what size companies might be interested in such a feature.