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    More canned chart "Time Periods"


      When accessing application performance it's important to draw some point of comparison. This is where the charts come in. They graphically represent change over time. It's an invaluable tool. I'm however disappointed with the lack of canned "Time Periods" in APM 1.0. When running reports I'm usually looking to compare the current status to the same time over the last few days. So when someone calls to say the web sites slow, I can say for example, "it's no slower than it usually is for this time of day".  

      This is currently possible in a manual way with APM but it's certainly not convenient. The canned time periods only go back 24 hours. I would like to see something that more closely matches the canned time periods in NPM. Such as the inclusion of a "Today", "Yesterday", "Last 7 Days", "This Month", "Last Month", and "Last 30 Days".